Roto-Molded Cases

Roto-Molding Machine
The Rotational Molding process (roto-molding) uses a heated mold that melts the plastic and rotates so that the plastic forms to the outside of the metal mold. Because of this specialized process, Roto-Molding lends itself to the creation of much larger cases than can be produced with other methods like blow-molding and injection-molding.

All of this requires more care on the part of the manufacturer: roto molded cases are custom-produced in less mass than other molded cases and tend to have superior strength and durability. This makes case wall thickness much more easily customizable.
Due to their made-to-order nature, these high-quality roto-molded shipping cases with custom foam will require 4-6 weeks to fabricate before shipping. Please be aware of this lead-time when ordering.